Mumbai MonoRail

mumbai mono


Length of Corridor :
Phase I (Wadala-Chembur) – 8.93 km
Phase II (Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk-Wadala) – 11.20 km
Project cost excluding taxes – Rs. 2460 crore
Date of Commencement – 14th November, 2008
Design Headway – 3 minutes
Train Composition – 4 cars
Passengers Capacity – 562 Max Passengers
Design Speed – 80 kmph
Scheduled Speed – 31 kmph
Operation Hours – 05.00 Hrs to 24.00 Hrs
Journey Time :
Phase I – 22 minutes
Phase II – 32 minutes
No. of stations – 17 Stations
The Monorail Phase – I (Wadala – Chembur) is opened to public from 2/2/2014. The Phase – II (Wadala – Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk) works are in advanced stage and may be ready by December, 2015.

Signalling, communications and rolling stock

The monorail system features computer based centralised train operation and management systems, computer based interlocking systems and line side LED signals for signalling and communication.

Initial rolling stock comprises 15 trains each measuring 94m-long, 18m-wide and 12m-high. The trains are powered by a 750V DC line and run at a top speed of 80km/h (50mph) and an average speed of 31km/h (19.2mph) on an elevated corridor.

Each train features 16 automatic gates and four to six cars with a capacity to accommodate 568 (80 sitting and 488 standing) passengers at a time.

Train cars are painted green, pink or sky blue. Each train has three stabling and guiding horizontal wheels on both sides. The braking system includes electro-dynamic regenerative pneumatic and spring-engaged disc brakes.

Monorails are equipped with a centralised clock system, CCTV for surveillance purposes and a driver cabin at both ends.