Good News-Chennai Metro to implement QR code based tickets at stations in six months

Chennai Metro
representative photo

Chennai Metro Rail plans to launch QR code-based ticketing services that can be used in stations and parking lots in six months.

When implemented, the commuters can, through a mobile app, buy a ticket and just swipe the QR code at the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gate or ticketing gate, which will save them a lot of time.

At present, commuters have to pay in stations through a smart card or a token or a trip card (a monthly pass) to pay for their trip. But, Chennai Metro Rail had announced sometime back, that commuters can pay at the parking lot only with a smart card and not cash.

According to officials of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), they have been trying to speed up the launch QR codes for this specific reason. “Thousands of passengers have been using trip cards on a daily basis. Even if a passenger has a trip card, he needs to buy a smart card just for payment at the parking lot, which has irked many commuters. Now, if this system is introduced, a commuters can just tap the QR code in both the station and parking lot and travel without any hassle,” an official said.

The introduction of the service will also be particularly useful because commuters have to necessarily use only ticket vending machines (TVM) in stations. Also, if they are going to pay cash to buy a ticket at the counter, only cashless transactions are allowed.

“Some of the TVMs are not working and some others that function don’t accept all the currency notes. It has become a cumbersome process for passengers. So, we think if the QR code system is put into place at the earliest, passengers will benefit to a great extent,” another official said.

source: the hindu