First Citadis LRV for Kaohsiung shipped by Alstom

On 25th July, Alstom sent first Citadis 305 LRV for Kaohsiung from Alstom’s plant in La Rochelle, France.

However, The vehicle got shipped on 3rd August from the Belgian port of Antwerp. This vehicle is supposed to arrive at the Keelung port in the north of Taiwan in early next  month. From keelung port, it will be transport to Kaohsiung via road.

Alstom received a contract to supply 15 numbers of Citadis LRVs from China Steel Corporation in January 2017 for the 13.4km Kaohsiung Circular Line Stage 2.

These are five-section bidirectional LRVs and are equipped with permanent magnet motors and Alstom’s Citadis Ecopack onboard storage system for catenary-free operation, which draws current from the catenary via the pantograph in a 20-second charging cycle during stops at stations.

It is said by Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit that Stage 2 was 38% complete at the end of July this year. Its is also said that Installation of electromechanical systems gets completed on the section from the Stage 1 terminus at Hamasen to Singlong Road. Testing for the said stretch is expected to begin in next month.

Source: IRJ