EIG Inspects Corridor II stations of Hyderabad Metro

EIG inspection

The inspection of 33kV/415V indoor auxiliary substations installed in three Hyderabad Metro Rail stations from JBS – Parade Ground to Gandhi Hospital of Corridor-II (JBS – Parade Ground to MGBS – Green Line) of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project has been completed.

The inspection is a part of the process for according the sanction for energization of these stations which will facilitate the testing and commissioning activities of Railway Systems like Signalling, Tele Communication and Automatic Fare Collection in this section.

DVS Raju, Chief Electrical Inspector to Government of India, said, “Commissioning of these auxiliary substations would boost the progress and hasten the completion of Hyderabad Metro Rail section between JBS – Parade Ground and MGBS of Corridor-II.” The aforementioned Hyderabad Metro Rail stations receive power at 33kV voltage through ring main fed from 132/33/25 kV Receiving Substations (RSS) located at MGBS and Uppal.

source: thehansindia