Alstom to supply 32 additional DT5 metros for Hamburg

Hamburg Metro

Alstom, in consortium with Bombardier Transportation, will supply 32 further DT5 metro trains to Hamburger Hochbahn AG (Hochbahn) for a total amount of 186 million euros. Alstom’s share of the contract amounts to over 100 million euros. As part of this contract, Alstom will supply the mechanical part, the bogies and the mechanical braking system, while Bombardier will supply the electrical equipment, the driving system, the passenger information system and the vehicle control system. The trains will be assembled at Alstom’s site in Salzgitter, Lower Saxony. The new trains are to be put into service from January 2021 onwards.

“For many years now, our vehicles have been shaping mobility in Hamburg. This order confirms that customers and passengers are satisfied with our vehicles and will continue to rely on the DT5 trains in the future. With this order we will have delivered a total of 163 vehicles to Hamburg. This is a proof of our long-standing, trusting and sustainable cooperation with Hochbahn”, says Dr. Jörg Nikutta, Managing Director for Alstom in Germany and Austria.

The DT5 metro fleet has been in operation in Hamburg since autumn 2012. The Hochbahn has now ordered a total of 163 metro trains of this generation in order to cope with the increasing number of passengers in the city. In the past, Alstom had already delivered the DT2, DT3 and DT4 fleets – a total of 462 trains – to the Hamburg subway system.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the eighth largest city in the European Union. In order to meet the needs of such a large urban population, the DT5 was designed as a modern, spacious subway with wide corridors, a continuous interior and multi-purpose areas adapted to new passenger needs. Each of the 40 meter long three-car trains has 96 seats, 240 standing spaces and two additional wheelchair spaces. The DT5 also offers high passenger comfort, such as air conditioning, passenger information and monitoring systems as well as automatic door closing.

The DT5 subways are environmentally friendly. Their lightweight stainless steel car bodies and regenerative braking system contribute to improving energy efficiency. The vehicles are very quiet, which makes the Hamburg subway one of the quietest in the world. 

As part of the Hamburg Senate’s bidding offensive, Hochbahn is expanding its range of services by an average of around five percent per year over the next three years. The new services include significantly tighter metro intervals and a massive expansion of the bus service with new express and area buses. The latest subway generation (DT5) is now to be increased by 32 vehicles and up to 163 vehicles at a later stage.

source: Alstom