What is Agnipath Scheme in India? Know in detail here in 2023

Agnipath Scheme

What is Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath Scheme is a scheme introduced by the Government of India for the recruitment of soldiers in India. It was introduced by GOI on 14th June 2022. This scheme is applicable only for recruitment of soldiers below the rank of commissioned officers. This is into effect for recruitment of all the three (Army, Navy and Air force) services of the armed forces. For most of the soldiers, service under Agnipath scheme is for four years only. Further 25% of total agnveers will be recruited back into respective forces for 15years of tenure. Person recruited under this scheme is called Agniveer. Agnipath Scheme allows patriotic and motivated youth to serve in the Armed Forces for a period of four years. Under this scheme, it is estimated to be approx. 45000-50000 recruitment of soldiers annually.

What is the purpose of the Agnipath scheme?

To improve Nation integration based on unity in diversity with equal opportunity to youth of the country including women from all regions. To improve the Nation building through empowered, disciplined and skilled youth with military ethos. It also aims to improve the battle preparedness through energetic, fitter, diverse, more trainable and resilient youth. To provides an exciting opportunity to patriotic youth of the country to fulfill their dream of joining Armed Forces and serve the Nation at large.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Age limit for Agniveer is 171/2 – 21 years (Seventeen years six months – Twenty-one years). This is only for the rank below commissioned officers.

What is the recruitment process?

All selected candidates will be enrolled under the respective Service Act for a service duration of four years including trainings. Recruitment would be done a per terms and conditions.

What about training?

Rigorous military training will be imparted in existing training centres.

What are the financial package and benefits for Agniveers?

Composite annual package – (First year approx. INR 4.76 Lacs and upgradation up to INR 6.92 Lacs in fourth year). Allowance – Risk and Hardship, Ration, Dress and Travel allowances as applicable. Death Compensation – Non-contributary life insurance cover of INR 40 Lacs. Additional Ex-gratia of INR 44 Lacs for death attributed to service. Also pay for unserved portion up to four years including Seva Nidhi component. Disability compensation – Compensation based on percentage (%) disability laid down by medical authorities. One-time Ex-gratia of INR 44/25/15 Lacs for 100%/75%/50% disability respectively. Seva Nidhi – 30% of monthly emoluments to be contributed by individuals. Equal amount will be matched and contributed by the Government. Corpus of approx. INR 11.71 Lacs after four years, exempted from Income Tax.


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