SKODA Transportation to supply up to fifty electric trains to Czech Railways


The skoda Transportation and skoda Vagonka consortium signed a framework agreement with České dráhy for the supply of electric units. This agreement is for the supply of up to fifty electric, single-decker RegioPanter units. In addition to the framework agreement, a purchase contract for the supply of 31 electric units for 3.6 billion CZK was signed.

 „České dráhy are getting a state-of-the-art and technologically advanced train that significantly increases the comfort of traveling on our regional railways. Thanks to the new concluded contract, our modern RegioPanter trains will be operating in most regions of the Czech Republic. Passengers can look forward to the new trains in the Plzeň, Karlovy Vary, South Bohemian and Vysočina regions. A substantial amount of the units will be delivered in 2021, “says Petr Brzezina, Chairman of the Board and President of the Škoda Transportation group.

„We announced the competition for the framework delivery of up to 50 modern electric units last year so that we could offer individual regions further renewal of their vehicle fleet as quickly as possible. This is based on contracts for the provision of transport services from December 2019, which we are gradually concluding with regions,“  explains Miroslav Kupec, Chairman of the Board and CEO of České dráhy, adding: “We currently have new contracts for transport service, meaning work for 31 new trains. We commissioned their production as soon as the framework agreement was signed. As a result, we will deploy the first units from the contract in 25 months, namely in the spring of 2021. If we were to have a competition for new trains after all the service contracts are concluded, the first units would be deployed approximately one year later.“

The framework agreement is valid for eight years after the signing of the contract. Its total worth can be almost six billion korunas. Additional subcontracts can be concluded based on this contract. The first four units will be delivered within 25 months of the signing of the contract. 

“In contrast to the original RegioPanter units, the new trains have a number of technical changes that are associated with the application of new standards and innovative interior design solutions. The units are also equipped with a modern information system, Wi-Fi, a CCTV system, an automatic train control system and ETCS system.“ adds Martin Bednarz, Chairman of the Board of Škoda Vagonka and Vice President Project Manager of Škoda Transportation.

The consortium offered modern vehicles with a capacity of 140 seated passengers designed to operate on a 3 kV Dc and 25 kV AC system. The maximum speed of the vehicles is 160 km/h. The train cars are low-floor, which facilitates boarding for people with reduced mobility as well as others, especially wheelchair users and seniors, but also bikers and mothers with children. They are also equipped with multifunctional spaces for bikes and baby prams.

source: scoda


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