Siemens officially opens RRX maintenance depot

Siemens officially opens RRX maintenance depot

Siemens Mobility officially opened the new Rhine-Ruhr Express (RRX) maintenance depot, after one-and-a-half years of construction. It will offer maintenance services for 82 electric RXX Desiro HC multiple-unit trains for a period of 32 years.
The RRX workshop has a state-of-the-art vehicle inspection system (AVI) which is being used for the first time in Germany. As the trains enter the workshop grounds, they pass the AVI facility where the wheels, axles and tread patterns of each car are automatically inspected using modern laser technology. This data is directly entered in the data management system, evaluated and further processed. In addition, the workshop has a high-performance 3D printer that quickly and directly makes plastic spare parts that would otherwise not be available on short notice or at low cost.

Siemens Mobility has laid around 5.5 km of tracks on the grounds of the former Dortmund-Eving marshalling yard and provided a 6-track workshop building, a three-story warehouse and staff facility, a gatehouse building, outside storage areas and a facility for washing the trains.
All maintenance processes can be managed completely without paperwork. Employees are provided with their work orders, along with all the information they need for repairs and maintenance, on tablets. While in service, the trains continuously deliver data on their status via multiple sensors to the depot, where it is processed.
“With our digitalized service and maintenance, we see ourselves as a pioneer in the industry and will make certain that the RRX trains are reliably available to passengers. To ensure this, we’ve equipped the Rail Service Center and the trains with the latest diagnostic systems that enable us to detect faults before they can actually interfere with operations,” Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility said.
Under a EUR 1.7 billion contract, signed in 2015, Siemens Mobility will deliver 82 Desiro HC electric multiple-unit trains, being the largest order Siemens has received in the sector of regional rail transport in Germany.



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