Agreement signed for Panama metro project Line 3

Agreement signed for Panama metro Line 3

With the presence of the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela; executives Metro de Panamá S.A., and the Nominated Subcontractor of the Project of Line 3 signed an agreement to purchase all the equipment and wagons of Line 3 of the Metro, which will improve urban mobility between the province of Panama West and the capital city.

With this agreement, the Nominated Subcontractor, made up of the companies Hitachi LTD, Mitsubishi Corporation and Ansaldo STS, will be responsible for the design, manufacture, supply, installation and operation of the Integrated Operation System (IOS) of monorail technology, which will be used for this means of massive transport of passengers.

During this ceremony, President Varela thanked the Japanese government for providing Panama with the financing for this important work, at a very low and excellent term interest rates, which reflects great confidence in the economy and transparency of the country in the management of these processes.

This work will benefit more than 500 thousand Panamanians

Agreement signed for Panama metro Line 3
He said that the investment in equipment and purchase of wagons for Line 3 is 839.6 million balboas which, together with the construction of the civil works on Line 3 of the Metro and Fourth Bridge over the Panama Canal, represents an investment of more than 4 thousand million balboas.

“The time has come to do justice to the residents of the province of Panama West, by providing a modern means of transport and quality service”, said the President, whose administration executes projects for more than 6 thousand million balboas that directly benefit the Province of Panama West.

He highlighted the Ciudad Esperanza project, which will house 2,500 families, where 400 apartments have already been handed over. The program of the Sanitation of the Bay was extended to Arraiján and La Chorrera, where more than 900 million balboas are invested. The Inter-American Highway is also being extended to eight lanes, with an investment of over 300 million balboas and the Howard water treatment plant is being built, which will provide potable water to 283 thousand inhabitants of Panama West.

For his part, the vice president and executive director of the Hitachi LTDA company, Shinya Mitsudomi, thanked the Panamanian government for its final decision to apply Japanese technology to Line 3 of the Metro and promised to deliver a monorail system of the latest generation.

“We are here to contribute to improving their social structure and improving the quality of life of the Panamanians”, he said.

According to this agreement, the group of companies will perform the functions of Subcontractor Nominated for the contract of the Metro Line 3 Project, to subscribe with the contractor that wins the bid for the civil works, once it has been selected.

It establishes that the Nominated Subcontractor will provide the patio and workshop equipment, the signaling and train control system based on CBTC technology, the telecommunications system, the control center, the energy system the traction and transformer at low voltage, the switch ways and the automatic platform doors.

This agreement forms part of the international cooperation contract with the Government of Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), signed in January 2016 to introduce high quality Japanese technology into the transportation system of the Line 3 of the Metro.

Hitachi LTD was selected as the highest capacity monorail manufacturer in Japan, while for the power, signaling and telecommunication systems, the Ansaldo STS SPA company of Italian origin was identified under the stock control of Hitachi LTD. Mitsubishi Corporation brings presence in Panama and local experience.

The Governments of Panama and Japan have worked jointly on the feasibility and pre-feasibility studies of this mega project and providing Technical Cooperation for the management of the project, which will impulse the generation of jobs and positively impact the lifestyle of residents of the west sector.

With the construction of Line 3 of the Panama Metro, it will be possible to mobilize more than 20 thousand people, in peak hours, from Albrook to Ciudad del Futuro in Arraiján in just 45 minutes, passing through 14 stations along a journey of 26.5 kilometers.

This transport system will have a monorail technology, composed of 6 wagons in each train. The total investment of the project is in the order of 2,200 million balboas and it is expected to be ready to operate in the year 2023.

To date, seven companies have been prequalified to participate in the public act for the construction of Line 3. At the end of September, it is planned to publish the bidding documents to select the main contractor of the project.


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